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  • About

    Zila Laguna Ltd. was established in 1997. The company is the most modern fish processing factory in Latvia. We operate with customers across Europe, Middle East and the United States with a continuously evolving and expanding range of branded ("Latis", "Mr.Fish") and private label seafood products for distributors and retailers.

  • The Company offers a wide range of smoked, salted and marinated salmon, herring, mackerel, sprout products prepared and packaged to attract the consumers and to add convenience in use. Since November 2007 the Mediterranean product hummus has been started under "Hum-Hum" brand. Zila Laguna Ltd. produces over 300 tons of food products annually, and more than 192 tons are exported.

  • As a group, we are able to offer our customers such advantages as:

    1. 1 Stable product range of high-quality products;
    2. 2 Rigid quality control of supplied products;
    3. 3 Tailor-made solutions;
    4. 4 Delivery by own transport department;
    5. 5 Supply chain control;
    6. 6 Control over costs
  • Logistics

    The Zila Laguna plant in Daugavpils, Latvia is well located to receive fish by sea and by road from any point in Europe, including Norway. The location is also convenient for dispatch the products by road.

    For delivering the products in the Baltic states we use our own logistics. We are also happy to work with the clients logistics provider. In addition, we cooperate with world well known logistic companies. It takes up to five days from the dispatching to get the ordered products to your stock in every European country.

  • Mission and Goals

    Our mission is to take care of customers by offering them fresh and delicious high quality products as well as to protect our employees. Taking care of the customers is one of the most important goals of our company. That is why we carefully select the suppliers of raw materials, look fot the best recipes and work out more convenient packaging.

    Consumers get high quality products from us, retailers - beneficial cooperation framework, employees - stable work opportunities guarantee and professional development.