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Sweet chicken with hummus

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250 gram : hummu
1/3 of glass : olive oil
3/4 of tea : salt
1/2 of tea spoon : caraway
1/2 of tea spoon : black ground pepper
1/4 of tea spoon : dried oregano (spice)
700 gram : chicken fillet
1 : red paprika
1 : red onion


20 minutes; serves 4

Advice! Pickled and fried red paprika and red onion will give additional colour and sweetness to dull everyday chicken fillet. 

Way of cooking:

  1. Make marinade of olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano.
  2. Chop the chicken fillet and dice it; cut the vegetables into streaks and then add the chicken fillet and vegetables to the ready marinade.
  3. Place them in previously heated oven for 8 minutes for browning the vegetables and cooking the chicken fillet.
  4. Lay out hummus on the plate and add the ready chicken.

we recommend Hum-Hum classical or savoury