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Potato pancakes with hummus and smoked fish


120 gram : hummus
400 gram : potatoes
1 : egg
1 table spoon : flour
200 gram : smoked fish
1 : lemon
2-3 table spoons : olive oil


25 minutes; serves 2

  1. Grate potatoes with fine grater, add an egg and flour.
  2. Fry the pancakes on previously well-warmed frying pan.

For sauce:

  1. add 2-3 table spoons of lemon juice and olive oil to hummus.
  2. Lay out the potato pancakes on the plate, fish, add sauce on them.
  3. Decorate them with lemon wedge and dill.

we recommend Hum-Hum classical, savoury or with herbs and olive oil