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Pork medallions with hummus and potato pancakes


50 gram : hummus
250 gram : pork fillet
70 gram : bacon
500 gram : potatoes
1 : zucchini
1 : tomato
100 millilitre : cream
1 : egg
1 table spoon : flour


30 minutes; serves 2

Advice! To remove the excessive oil, sop the foodstuffs with paper napkin.

For pancakes:

  1. grate potatoes on fine grater, add an egg and flour.
  2. Fry three pancakes (of the same size if it is possible) on previously heated frying pan.
  3. Slice the tomatoes and fry them on both sides.
  4. Slice zucchini in rings and cut every slice in 6 places on the edge to make the shape of star.

Make the medallions:

  1. divide the pork fillet into two parts, strew them with spices and wrap into bacon.
  2. Fry on all sides the medallions and zucchini on big fire.

For sauce:

  1. add paprika and sour cream to hummus.
  2. Lay out the potato pancakes on the plate, then put the fried slices of tomatoes as a tower on every pancake and pour with sauce.
  3. Then put the medallions and zucchini on the sides of pancakes.

we recommend Hum-Hum classical, savoury or with herbs and olive oil