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Pancakes staffed with salmon, cheese and humuss


60 gram : hummus
90 gram : salmon fillet
60 gram : cheese “Rossiysky”
60 gram : pancake mix
40 millilitre : milk
40 millilitre : water
1 : lemon
1-2 table spoons : olive oil


15 minutes; serves 2

  1. Make pancakes (according to the recipe shown on the pack of pancakes mix or according to your own recipe).
  2. Cut salmon fillet and cheese into fine long streaks.
  3. Spread out fish and cheese on two pancakes and roll them. Warm the pancakes into the microwave oven.
  4. Before servicing, pour sauce on the prepared pancakes with hummus with previously added 2-3 table spoons of lemon juice and olive oil.

we recommend Hum-Hum classical, savoury or with herbs and olive oil