What is the difference between the preserves and canned fish?

Preserves differ from the canned food with 3-4 times shorter shelf life expiration, and package that enables the customers to control the content without opening the product. Packaging for preserves is handy, easy-open tin, or a soft bag; but both "formats" are made of transparent or translucent polymer material.

What is the influence of seasonality on the sales turnover of the entire range of products?

The most relevant industry issues are related to the so called seasonal fishing. This concerns the fishing industry in general and our group in particular. The result is sufficiently large differentiations in prices over the year, or lack of product in the market for a certain period. Therefore, founding on the experience of the previous years, on the study of sales trends and evaluating the shortest time of delivery of the new product at the end of season, we accumulate the maximum supply of fish products.

What are the competitive advantages of your products in the market in comparison with similar ones?

All products provided by our company are made from ingredients of high-quality. Our products are capable of satisfying the consumer in both the quality and range of products. Product packaging is extremely handy - it meets all the standards of the European Union. There is a transparent window in each pack through which the customer can estimate the quality of the product offered to him. The color scheme of packaging is designed to attract the attention and arouse the appetite. In addition, our packaging does not leak, it is an evidence of its quality. And even a child can open it easily!